South Windermere Spotlight: Black Wood Smokehouse

Black Wood Smokehouse brings so much to the table at South Windermere Center! Their creative menu, locally sourced ingredients, and killer food in undeniable. We sat down with restaurant owner and chef, Joseph Jacobson and wife/partner Allison Jacobson to hear more about their successful journey through the food and beverage industry leading up to their hot spot in South Windermere.

Tell us a little bit about how Black Wood Smokehouse was founded:

From an early age Joseph Jacobson has had a passion for cooking that was partially due to his love of large family gatherings every Friday night for dinner and being raised by his Geechie nanny, Bea, that was like a second mother.  His Jewish grandmother influenced him greatly and that desire to feed others has followed him over the years as he has prepared meals for many since. Raised in South Windermere, Joseph lived and frequented The Med Deli. Joseph also worked there as a busboy in 1994.  This was yet another significant reason for his interest in the location when it became available two years ago and led way to Black Wood Smokehouse. With so much history involved in a single location, Joseph and his wife, Allison, knew that this was the perfect fit for them to establish their first restaurant in the neighborhood where Joseph found his passion for food and entertaining.

How do you plan to keep the menu creative and innovative to keep customers coming back for more? 

At Black Wood Smokehouse, we strive to provide our guests with quality ingredients and attentive service.  We want to create a space for gathering that invokes a feeling of comfort and focuses on family and friends, since that is the reason we began this journey two years ago.  Since we offer local and seasonal products, our menu is constantly evolving and growing based on what is currently available in the low country. We also provide daily specials for our guests that give an incentive to come in and try something new at an affordable price.  Nothing is ever perfect, so Black Wood will continue to evolve to better serve the community and ever raising the bar on smoked and local fare.

Convinced that you need to head to Black Wood Smokehouse for dinner immediately? We thought so. Check out their full menu here and we’ll see you soon!