South Windermere Spotlight: Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions

If you’ve ever been weary about attending therapy, you’re probably not alone. Maybe traditional therapy isn’t for you. Maybe you just haven’t found the right session. Insert Shifting Tides Therapy Solutions, an in-person and online therapy service that caters to the millennial woman who’s looking to feel 100%. This week we sat down with founder and therapist, Kailee Place to learn more: 


Tell us a little bit about how and why Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions was founded.

I wanted to start a private practice where I could be as authentic of a mental health professional as I could be and build a practice that really catered to the clients I work best with. I was working full time at a local substance abuse treatment facility and began to work part time on my practice, building my identity as a therapist separate from policies and procedures dictated by an agency. I also knew I wanted to serve a specific population, so I needed to branch out on my own to do so!


We love how real and authentic your approach is on your website and social media. Can you tell us a little bit more on why you’ve chosen to do this?

Thank you! That authenticity has been a huge goal of mine. And frightening. I’m a therapist, so I’m very public facing. Being authentic could scare people away, but it can also be super attractive to the people I’m trying to attract. I want my clients to feel like they can be themselves in my office and really delve into their worlds with me. If I didn’t represent myself clearly and authentically, I’m shortchanging my clients and myself. People know what they’re getting when they see my website and social media, and I think that’s comforting… especially when searching for something unique like a therapist.


What does the future hold for Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions?

I hope just continuing to see some amazing clients! I don’t have any big plans to expand, as it’s just me in my practice, and I am happy with that. I see women who are the Type A, over-achieving types, and I relate to that a whole lot. Me challenging myself to stay focused on my actual goals (being an effective therapist) also keeps me genuine with my clients. And I just love my little operation. It’s perfect for me and seems to be impactful for the lovely clients I see!


Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a bit about who I see… I work primarily with young women in their 20s and 30s who struggle with the underlying stuff. They have their lives relatively figured out, but they struggle with boundaries, people-pleasing, perfectionism, self-compassion… all the stuff that if not eventually addressed keep them from being fully happy and fulfilled. That’s my main focus, but anybody who feels my style resonates with them is happy to seek me out!

To learn more about Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions, check out their website here!