South Windermere Spotlight: Well Furnished

Well Furnished is always bringing something new to the table. Their unique and perfectly curated items keep their customers coming back for more. We sat down with the shop’s owner, Matthew McLaughlin, to learn more about Well Furnished. Check out our full interview below! 


Tell us a little bit about Well Furnished and how the company was founded (or about your position at the company, etc).

We are a resource for intriguing elements of decor.  The dream was to one day open a shop of my own, so after selling antiques at neighboring Antiques of South Windermere, we opened Well Furnished in 2016.  My parents bring a lifetime of buying & selling antiques so as a kid antique shows & auctions began my interest in furnishings & decorative arts. In my teens my mom’s interior design studio & retail shop was a place of constant learning and where my love of retail took root.   


Your shop has a variety of different items from period antiques to newly minted items. Can you tell us about the selection process that goes into creating this curated shop? 

Charlestonians have a long, historic love affair with design and the decorative arts, so the shop’s core traditionalist aesthetic engages the past yet harmonizes with modern tastes to create interiors with 21st Century fluency and context. Strong pieces create atmospheric & memorable interiors, so our selection process is based on aesthetic value.  With decades of buying under our belt, we have extensive resources for furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting, mirrors, and elegant gifts too. Customers are find beautiful items presented in ever-changing vignettes so shopping with us is different almost every visit.


What keeps your Charleston customers coming back for more?

-Free Inspiration…from the items we select and how we present them within the shop

-Sound design expertise & customer care 

-A 48 hour approval policy that allows locals to take any item home so every purchase made enriches their interiors 

-Interesting gift items that are wrapped with style


Keep reading about Well Furnished on their website and stop in to shop soon!